Our industry-leading outpatient technology platform includes numerous services designed to help optimize your OBL or ASC. From the most advanced inventory management capabilities to extensive patient engagement tools, our suite of outpatient-specific services will help drive superior performance and growth in your facility.

Inventory Management

Our industry-leading outpatient technology platform includes numerous services designed to help optimize your OBL or ASC. From the most advanced inventory management capabilities to extensive patient engagement tools, our suite of outpatient-specific services will help drive superior performance and growth in your facility.

Item Management

Define your specific par levels for each item, activate and inactivate items, track items loaned out, expired, lost to waste, etc. Pull vendor items from our global catalog of over 18,000 items from over 40 vendors, into your local inventory, automatically importing all of the item details for vendor, reference number, order quantity and more. Easily change item data on the fly to optimize item levels.

Barcode Support

Use an inexpensive scanner to easily move items through their full life cycle, scanning manufacturer barcodes to simplify the process of quickly identifying and tracking items. Our iOS and Android mobile apps also support barcode scanning for facility management with your smart device.

Ordering & Replenishment

Our inventory management system monitors utilization in real-time, measuring inventory levels against your custom par levels and alerts immediately when any item requires replenishment. Our Reorder Report will produce a complete list of all items and all quantities across all vendors needed to reestablish proper on-hand levels. Our online ordering option can take your approved reorder list and automatically send all order data to all vendors with one click, immediately pushing order data to the vendor for fulfillment.


Our included reporting suite offers numerous reports presenting the logistical and operational data underlying your facility. Easily search and filter entire your entire procedure history by patient, doctor, procedure date or procedure type. Use the Cycle Count Report to easily complete physical inventory to ensure real and virtual inventory levels. The Usage Report allows you to view a historical accounting of any item to see every procedure it was used in and every doctor that used it. Your Deleted Items report allows you to search and filter all items leaving inventory for any reason other than utilization in a procedure. Expiration Report data lets you review all items expiring in 30, 60, or 90-day periods. Addition reports include Radiation Report, Backorder Report, Order History Report among others.

Loss Mitigation

Millions of dollars are lost each year to write-downs on lost or wasted materials. In the outpatient setting, loss typically happens due to lack of oversight and accountability for materials on hand. This reflects a common lack of information about inventory. Our tools track every item down to the lot number and expiration date, tracking every specific item from the moment it arrives through its full life cycle. This detailed tracking provides extensive information about product expiration and mishandling. Our expiration alerts constantly notify users of expiring product and our detailed expiration reports look out 30, 60 and 90 days to maximize efficient planning and item stewardship.

The most comprehensive inventory management tools available include:

  • Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • Automatic Reorder Alerts
  • One-click Reordering with Over 40 Vendors
  • Simple Barcode Scanning
  • Numerous Loss Mitigation Features
  • Reporting

Business Analytics

Our advanced analytics cull through an extensive repository of data about your facility, preparing a suite of reports to help you understand the detailed operational effectiveness at your facility over various periods. Our Analytics suite is constantly growing and evolving, some examples of included reports include:

Facility Summary
This aggregated summary provides a broad snapshot of overall facility performance, looking at things like annual trend in profitability, highest and lowest volume physicians, highest and lowest cost physicians based on their utilization, most and least profitable procedure types, procedure volume, and numerous other metrics.

Physicians Report
From the Summary report you can begin to drill down into even more detailed data about physicians to assess performance, productivity, profitability and much more. 

Procedures Report
Deep-dive into extensive detail about all procedure types completed at your facility to review volumes, cost, time, margin and more. Use this information to help drive future growth into the most profitable procedures.

Recently released, our AMSAdvisorTM tool is an intelligence engine with sophisticated algorithms that analyze metrics from across your facility. It monitors all aspects of your facility data daily, looking for areas of optimization and making consultative recommendations for actionable changes you can make with a few clicks to improve your operational effectiveness.

Profitability Report
A summary of overall profitability, as well as profitability per procedure type and per physician. Keep a close eye on trends in facility margin to optimize cyclical growth periods and manage down cycles.

General Reports
You’ll also get our Most and Least Used Items reports as well as our Product Usage report.

Our Analytics suite is constantly growing, and enhancing the amount and type of data we report on, ensuring you have the data and knowledge to successfully improve your facility.


Simple visual interfaces give you easy to process at-a-glance dashboards to make it easy to determine overall facility effectiveness quickly and easily.

Patient Engagement

Our patient engagement services offer a direct line of communication to your patients through a number of different channels.


Our custom Survey module enables your facility to build and send surveys to any collection of users easily via email. We provide a gallery of pre-built survey templates or you can build your own. We make it simple to build and send a survey with only a few clicks.

Simple Creation
Our gallery includes a number of industry standard surveys as well as general purpose surveys all geared around measuring patient satisfaction. You can also easily modify the provided templates, add or remove questions, or create an entirely new template based on your existing paper-based surveys. You can also do more advanced actions in a survey like skipping questions, showing and hiding questions, and much more all using our simple and easy to understand “actions” manager. We want to make it fast and easy to build surveys so you can start interacting with your patients in new and better ways.

Understandable Results
After you distribute your survey you can begin analyzing the results. We provide visual pie charts to simply and effectively understand how your patients are responding to each of your questions. You can easily check how many respondents have started, how many have abandoned, and how many have completed the survey. You can remind respondents that haven’t completed the survey to do so with the click of a button.


Measure patient satisfaction and much more.

  • Pre-built Templates
  • Easy Customization
  • Automated Emails
  • Customized Rules & Actions

Patient Education

This unique tool provides staff the ability to leverage prebuilt documents from our document library or build their own, generating patient-centric education materials for various points of communication throughout the patient life cycle.

Facilities are using this tool to shift their existing paper-based processes to digital, from discharge instructions through post-op notes and instructions, converting existing documents and sharing with patients via tablet.

With our digital signature capture, your patients can easily sign on-screen. We capture all events and patient confirmation for a complete historical record of their agreement and understanding of terms.

There is no limit to the type of content you can create and communicate: patient outreach, follow-up documents, or promote general facility information. The tool has the ability to email documents to one or many people. Just pick a document, paste a list of email addresses or attach a file and send. We’ll email your document to everyone.


Convert traditional paper-based processes to digital simply and easily