About Us

Where Technology and Medicine Converge

A collaboration designed to change the way outpatient facilities function

The Mission
Archer Medical Systems is a technology company dedicated to leveraging the latest tools to develop advanced technology and services for office-based labs and ASCs.

The Beginning
We began with a collaboration between our two critical specialties: technology and medicine. Bringing together people with the experience to identify and address the complex challenges facing outpatient facilities and determining how technology could be leveraged to provide solutions.

Not a single line of code was written before months of research and requirements gathering had been done with personnel across all levels; from those technicians and physicians using products, to those doing the tracking and ordering. Every system requirement was defined in conjunction with their input to solve the real-world issues faced in the clinical setting. Our medical partner team represent over 100 years of experience in both large hospital and small clinic experience, all pressed into service helping design the software needed to make their facilities run better, save time and money, and enhance levels of care.

The Future
This partnership serves as an ongoing feedback loop, continually informing changes and enhancements to ensure we constantly push for best-in-class results and affect positive outcomes in this ever-changing space.

And as our clients grow, so does this partnership. Our platform has a simple method for users to submit ideas for new features. Those ideas are constantly evaluated and rolled into upcoming releases to maintain this critical level of cooperation between technology and medicine.

One Dedicated Purpose
From the outset, our goal has been to provide best-in-class solutions specifically for our clients in the outpatient space. Our software is not a generic inventory management solution that can be modified or plugged into different product or business types. It was built from the ground up specifically to work for our users in outpatient labs, in language they’re familiar with, and in the context of how their offices function. That is how we will continue to grow and develop: maintaining focus on our core expertise and clients, constantly driving improvements in our products and services, and giving our clients the tools they need to manage and grow their business.

The partnership continues

Our clinical partners continue to help drive changes and new features on a daily basis. Every client has the opportunity to request and recommend changes to our platform, and with each update more and more features become available. Take a tour of our platform to find out more and see how your facility can benefit, and contribute to the future of the software.