Advanced tools for OBLs & ASCs

Complete inventory management solutions, advanced business analytics and reporting tools all designed specifically for office based labs and ASCs


We continue to expand the role of our AMSHub platform in outpatient centers with an ever-growing suite of tools and services designed to help OBLs and ASCs optimize operations and improve business.


Take control of your inventory. From par level tracking and automated reordering, to expiring product alerts, monitor every item through the full life cycle to ensure complete control of your materials.


Our automated reordering tools work hand-in-hand with our real-time inventory tracking to give you one-click access to reordering all items from all vendors at any time based on your customized par levels.


Our industry-leading reporting tools provide in depth information about your facility, from physician performance to procedure-specific profitability, dozens of reporting tools will empower you to grow and improve your business.


Record every procedure completed with every item used with lot number and expiration date, along with physician and other personnel, total procedure time, procedure type and various additional metrics to help drive operational accountability and efficiency.


Maintain superior client communication using our Survey tools to monitor patient satisfaction, and our unique Patient Guides to present pre and post-op information to patients via tablet or smartphone.


Most facilities without tracking systems lose thousands of dollars in inventory each month. Our real-time monitoring and alerting tools ensure every item is accounted for, eliminating lost materials capital.

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“The use of AMSHub has decreased staff time from 23 hours per week to an average of 5 hours per week…”

Denise Andersen – Director of Radiology Services, CiC